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Our mission: We aim to help within conservation efforts by raising awareness about environmental problems and encouraging the community, especially the youth, to help make a positive impact on Earth.

Our vision: We want to defy the expectations and create a world where humans and animals can live in harmony and a world where kids and their ideas and opinions are respected, valued, and prioritized. We want kids to be recognized for their passion, their heart, and their capability of doing big things, even if they are little.

Our goal: We envision 1,000,000 kids join together to change our planet for the better.

Our P.R.O.T.E.C.T. pledge:

Protect and love our ocean ecosystems 

Refuse single-use plastics

Open peoples’ eyes to the issues at hand

Take action

Explore nature, go outside!

Care – everything we do has an impact

Talk to people in your community, elected officials


I, _____, a Gumbo Limbo Coastal Steward, promise to be caring towards wildlife, aware of my surroundings, and strive to inspire and educate on the dangers of human actions on the environment. I will try to reduce my negative impact on this Earth and take the little steps to make sure I do my part in saving the Earth. 

To me, stewardship means to care for something by choice, on your own merit. To care for something or help with something just because.

Meet our Youth Council Officers:

Aditya: Aditya Gupta is a 9 year old passionate environmentalist, author, artist, and inventor. He dreams of creating inventions that can help change and save the planet. He has a passion for all wildlife and has his own organization: The Wildlife Protectors. He is excited to be a part of the Youth Leadership Council of Gumbo Limbo Coastal Stewards and is excited to be helping wildlife along the way. And loves to help out in  any way he can.

Luca: Luca Vendemini is a 10 year old who has been concerned about the well-being of animals since he was only 3. He is the youngest Parley for the Oceans Ambassador. Being part of Ocean Uprise, he is constantly volunteering and fundraising online or during in-person events. His favorite subjects at the moment are Chemistry and Biology. He enjoys playing the piano, bird-watching , practicing Tae Kwon Do, reading graphic novels and playing with his cats Nello and Gio. For fun he likes to swim, bike, play chess and play Minecraft with his friends. When Luca grows up he wants to be a Marine Biologist , or an Environmental engineer.

Anya: Anya Gupta is a 12 year old passionate environmentalist, author, conservationist, and activist. She has a passion for helping penguins and other wildlife thrive in their natural environment and educating others about the dangers of plastic pollution and other human-made problems. She dreams of living in a world where animals can live in harmony with humans and all people are conscious of their impact on the world. You can learn more about Anya’s nonprofit here, and check out her amazing conservation books for kids:

Caleb: Caleb Caponera is a 13 year old passionate wildlife photographer and conservationist who strives to help all endangered species of the world. He is mainly concerned how many species have gone extinct because of human behavior, which is something that shouldn’t happen. He loves walking through nature, as it gives him a sense of hope, like he experienced when he took a trip to the Galapagos and saw how preserved it was. Caleb is a competitive swimmer for FAA and FAU High and competes at the National level in multiple events. He has also written various songs on the guitar and is working on more. In his free time, he likes to surf, snowboard, and explore the world around him.

Anya Gupta’s novels on conservation for kids

Caleb Caponera Photography

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