Turtle Category: Former Patients 2022


This former patient is a juvenile green that unfortunately did not overcome their ailments.


Nantahala suffered from entanglement injuries and a severe case of Fibropapillomatosis.


After a quick hook removal and a few weeks of supportive care, this sea turtle patient made a full recovery.


Ziro is a young, juvenile green sea turtle with a taste for fishing bait.


Acadia was rescued from the Dania Beach pier, with hooks in each front flipper and a case of pneumonia. Acadia has made a full recovery and has been released.


Faro has made a full recovery from entanglement wounds and a tumor removal surgery!


Banff is a juvenile green sea turtle who was admitted for rehabilitation after radiographs revealed a hook in their throat! Banff made a speedy recovery and is back in the wild.

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Han Solo

Han Solo is a very young, post-hatchling Hawksbill sea turtle who was weak and washed back to shore.

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Rey came to us with one of the most severe boat strikes we’ve ever seen. Despite our best efforts, Rey did not survive.

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Naboo was a juvenile green turtle that unfortunately did not survive their ailments.