Turtle Category: Current Patients

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon was discovered entangled in fishing line, and is healing from a recent tumor removal surgery.

Joshua Tree

This current patient is undergoing rehabilitation for a vessel strike wound to their carapace and plastic ingestion.

Isle Royale

Our friends at the Boynton Beach Fire Department helped us rescue this juvenile green sea turtle.

Labyrinth Canyon

This patient was rescued with fishing line wrapped around their front flipper, and has been passing an unprecedented amount of soft plastics!

Marra Marra

Marra Marra is a juvenile green sea turtle that was rescued right here in Boca Raton.

Petrified Forest

Petrified Forest is a juvenile green sea turtle with Fibropapillomatosis.


A subadult Loggerhead receiving treatment for a lung infection and buoyancy issues.


Haleakala is undergoing rehabilitation after a severe fishing line entanglement led to a flipper amputation.


Denali is a sub-adult green sea turtle receiving treatment for predator attack injuries that left them without a front left flipper.


Cuyahoga is a sub-adult green sea turtle rescued from Boynton Beach. In this case, a boat propeller sliced a portion of the carapace off exposing bones and coelomic lining.