Zinfandel's Story


Zinfandel was rescued by biologists at Inwater Research Group from the St. Lucie Powerplant. Zinfandel was extremely lethargic with barnacles and marine leeches covering their carapace. After a few months of rehabilitation, this sea turtle made a full recovery from their debilitation and was released back into the wild.


Sea Turtle Information

Species: Loggerhead
Age: Adult (~25+ yrs)
Location: St. Lucie, FL
Ailment: Debilitated
Status: Recovered & Released
Weight: 87.8 kg


2021-Jan-26 Tags and satellite transmitter applied. Released in Boca Raton, FL.

2021-Jan-19 Active and eating well. Cleared for release by veterinarian.

2021-Jan-12 PCV values are normal.

2021-Jan-05 Active and eating well. Continue anemia treatment and monitoring PCV.

2020-Dec-22 Start treatment for anemia and monitor PCV.

2020-Dec-08 Moved to large tank for physical therapy.

2020-Dec-01 Slowly increase food. Discontinue fluid treatment.

2020-Nov-18 Begin Hetastarch fluid therapy.

2020-Nov-10 Started eating and becoming more active. Passing a lot of crab shells and sea grass in fecal.

2020-Nov-06 Freshwater bath to remove the barnacle and marine leeches. In shallow water. Treat carapace wounds with honey and silvadene.

2020-Nov-03 Rescued from St. Lucie, FL and brought to Gumbo Limbo. Radiographs and bloodwork performed. Started supportive medications. Dry docked overnight.