X Wing's Story

X-Wing was found floating after a boat collision.

X-Wing was rescued in Pompano Beach where they were found floating after a boat collision injury. The Sea Turtle Rehabilitation team stabilized the bleeding and immediately began antibiotic, vitamins, and fluid therapy to steer recovery. Unfortunately, X-Wing was unable to recover due to a lacerated lung and intestinal tear and passed away.

Patient Information
Intake Photo

Name: X-Wing
Species: Green
Age: Juvenile
Admission date: 7/3/22
Ailment: Boat Strike
Weight: 13.3 kg


7/5/22: Wound V.A.C applied to injury and bloodwork taken. Daily supportive care regiment and fluid therapy.

7/8/22: Wound V.A.C. changed and reapplied.

7/15/22: Wound V.A.C. removed, sea turtle remains lethargic and not eating.

7/16/22: Passed in care.