Valentine's Story

Fishing hook & Predator Attack

This juvenile green sea turtle named ‘Valentine’ was rescued after being accidentally hooked at the Pompano Beach Fishing Pier. Metal wire had been hanging out of Valentine’s mouth, still attached to a large treble fishing hook that had been stuck in their esophagus. X-rays confirmed the hook’s location, and the veterinarian conducted a successful emergency hook removal surgery. This patient also had a deep wound on their plastron and several marks on their carapace, indicative of a predator attack. Valentine is now receiving follow up treatment at Loggerhead Marine Life Center!

Patient Information
Intake Photo

Name: Valentine
Species: Green (Cm)
Age class: Juvenile
Admission date: 2/1/2023
Ailment: Hook, Predator Attack
Weight: 5.15 kg


2/1/23: Admitted for rehabilitation. Intake exam and x-rays confirm treble hook in esophagus. Begin supportive care and fluid therapy. Bloodwork evaluated.

2/3/23: Successful hook removal surgery! Predator attack wounds flushed and debrided, treated with medi-honey ointment.

2/11/23: Surgical site healing well. Offering veggie only diet to limit desire for fishing bait.

3/14/23: Patient transferred for rehabilitation to Loggerhead Marine Life Center.