Tongass's Story


Tongass is a juvenile green sea turtle that arrived for rehabilitation in January 2023. This patient is suffering from a virus caused disease called Fibropapillomatosis (FP), a common ailment seen in their species and age class. Tongass has several severe FP tumors, most notably on their eyes, which can inhibit their ability to see, swim, and feed normally. After veterinary evaluation, their left eye tumor was unfortunately too large and the eye unsalvageable. Tongass is recovering after an eye enucleation and FP tumor removal surgery. 

Patient Information
Intake Photo


Name: Tongass
Species: Green (Cm)
Age class: Juvenile
Admission date: 1/7/2023
Ailment: Fibropapillomatosis
Weight: 11.35 kg


1/7/23: Admitted for rehabilitation. Intake exam with x-rays and blood taken. Administer first dose of medications and fluid therapy, and start supportive care regiment. 

1/12/23: CT Scans at Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists. Temporarily bandaged and patient placed in shallow water.

1/17/23: Eye tumor removal/ enucleation surgery. Patient dry docked and monitored overnight, start on Ketoprofen routine.

1/25/23: Active & recovering, and bloodwork re-evaluated. Offering food with tongs to encourage eating.

2/7/23: Eyes were flushed and granuloma removed from enucleated eye site. Bloodwork re-evaluated this week.

3/14/23: Transferred for rehabilitation to Zoo Miami’s sea turtle hospital.