Tatooine's Story

Tatooine messed with the wrong crab!

Tatooine is a Loggerhead who came to us after showing abnormal floating behavior. X-Rays revealed that some shells impacted the intestinal tract. Loggerheads love to eat crustaceans, shell and all, and it looks like this turtle went after one tough crab! While Tatt is still showing floating problems, they are currently active and eating at the Nature Center, and we hope to send them on their way in the months ahead.

Patient Information
Intake Photo

Name: Tatooine
Species: Loggerhead
Age: Adult
Admission date and intake photo: 6/23/22
Ailment: Floating
Weight: 52.25 kg


6/23/22: Mineral oil given with food to help digestion

6/26/22: Large amounts of shell in fecal

7/8/22: Impacted shells cleared, monitoring recovery

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