Tatooine's Story

Tatooine is a Loggerhead who came to us after showing abnormal floating behavior. X-Rays revealed that some ingested shells had caused an impaction in the intestinal tract. Loggerheads have strong jaws made for crushing hard-shelled prey crustaceans like crab or conch. Despite treatment and clearing of the impaction, Tattooine unfortunately continued to exhibit floating at the surface, leaving them unable to dive and survive in the wild.

Patient Information
Intake Photo

Name: Tatooine
Species: Loggerhead
Age: Adult
Admission date: 6/23/22
Ailment: Floating
Weight: 52.25 kg


6/23/22: Mineral oil given with food to aid digestion and clear impaction. Daily supportive care regiment and fluid therapy.

6/26/22: Large amounts of shell passing through fecal.

7/8/22: Impacted shells completely cleared, monitoring recovery and floating.

7/18/22: Despite treatment and impaction cleared patient continues to float at the surface. Euthanized following evaluation.