Stormtrooper's Story

This turtle is certainly a trooper!

Stormtrooper has lived up to their name by being a real trooper about her treatment. They came to us with a severe boat strike injury across her shell, but luckily we have treatments for just such concerns. Stormtrooper is currently recovering with wound-vac therapy, a very cool treatment that uses negative pressure to promote growth. This turtle is currently recovering at the rehab facility at the Nature Center, and we hope to send her off soon.

Patient Information
Storm Trooper
Intake Photo

Name: Stormtrooper
Species: Green
Age: Juvenile
Admission date and intake photo: 6/13/22
Ailment: Boat Strike
Weight: 12.5 kg


6/14/22: Wound debrided and wound vac applied

7/1/22: Wound vac removed. Turtle currently swimming and active

7/12/22: Wound vac reapplied after lethargic behavior. Monitoring recovery.

7/15/22: Wound vac removed, monitoring

7/20/22: Honey applied to wounds

8/5/22: Wound debrided and healing, monitoring

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