Quincy's Story

Chronic Debilitation

Quincy was a juvenile green sea turtle that was rescued after being discovered floating in the intracoastal waterway near the Hillsboro Beach Inlet. They were extremely weak and lethargic, suffering from chronic debilitation. Despite thorough veterinary examination and a supportive care regiment, Quincy succumbed to their ailments and sadly passed away naturally just nine days after admission. 

Patient Information
Intake Photo

Name: Quincy
Species: Green (Cm)
Age class: Juvenile
Admission date: 12/08/2022
Ailment: Debilitated
Weight: 2.6 kg


12/08/22: Rescued and admitted for rehabilitation. Veterinary exam, x-rays, and blood taken.

12/12/22: Patient extremely lethargic, not eating, and not showing any blink response or eye tracking. 

12/13/22: Fecal appears clear of parasitic infection.

12/17/22: Patient passed away naturally during the night.