Queen Amidala's Story

Queen Amidala

Queen Amidala is a large adult green sea turtle who quickly captured our hearts. We found her floating near the St. Lucie River, where she was struggling with a boat strike injury on the center of her head.

Queen Amidala is slowly regaining weight on a specially curated diet of sea grass and algae, similar to what she would eat naturally in the wild for her age class. She has now been successfully released back into the ocean!

Patient Information
Queen Amidala
Intake Photo

Name: Queen Amidala
Species: Green (Cm)
Age: Adult
Admission date: 5/29/22
Ailment: Vessel Strike
Weight: 93.5 kg


5/29/22: Turtle rescued with boat strike injury to skull.

6/15/22: Turtle eating red algae, and undergoing TPN treatments to aid in nutrition.

7/15/22: Medication no longer necessary, gaining mass and eating healthy veggies!

8/9/22: Moved to large tank, preparing for release.


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