Petrified Forest's Story

Fibropapillomatosis (FP)

During one of Gumbo Limbo’s kayaking tours, a guest and the education team discovered this juvenile green sea turtle entangled in braided fishing line and in need of rescue! The fishing line was wrapped around their front flipper, and several large FP tumors, and even included some plastic marine debris. The sea turtle rehabilitation staff removed the fishing line, and treated Petrified Forest for their entanglement wounds. After a few months of rehabilitation and supportive care, this patient was able to undergo their first FP tumor removal surgery in January 2023. Dr. Maria Chadam applied an exciting new treatment, a Cod fish skin graft, to their surgery site to cover a large area of exposed tissue and promote tissue regeneration and healing! 

Patient Information
Intake Photo


Name: Petrified Forest
Species: Green (Cm)
Age class: Juvenile
Admission date: 11/19/2022
Ailment: Entanglement, FP

Weight: 5.50 kg


11/19/22: Rescued and admitted for rehabilitation. Fishing line and debris removed from flipper. Intake radiographs and blood taken. Begin supportive care regiment and fluid therapy.

11/22/22: Veterinary evaluation, flipper tumors tied off to cut off circulation. Patient showing signs of malnutrition. Continue to assess health and behavior for future tumor removal.

11/28/22: Veterinarian cleaned tied of tumors and removed some sloughing tissue.

12/6/22: Raised water level in tank, patient is active and eating well. Increased daily protein.

12/28/22: Redraw and evaluate bloodwork. Patient is still anemic and starting an epogen and iron regiment. Continue to monitor PCV for future surgery.

1/18/22: Patient’s bloodwork & PCV evaluated and approved for surgery.

1/24/23: First FP tumor removal surgery successful! 

1/27/23: Veterinarian applied Cod Fish Skin graft to patient’s front left flipper.

2/7/23: Sutures removed on skin graft on February 1st, exposed bone on right front flipper wound.

3/14/23: Transferred for Rehabilitation to Zoo Miami’s Sea Turtle Hospital.