Obi Wan Kenobi's Story

Fishing hook removal

Obi Wan had an unfortunate accidental capture at the Anglins Pier in Ft. Lauderdale. X-Rays later revealed a fishing hook stuck in the throat, and another in the patient’s intestines. Luckily the hooks were removed and passed successfully, and we were proud to release Obi Wan on 6/14/22.

Patient Information
Obi Wan
Intake Photo

Name: Obi Wan Kenobi
Species: Green
Age: Juvenile
Admission date: 5/24/22
Ailment: Fish Hooks
Weight: 5 kg


5/24/22: First hook removed from throat, mineral oil offered with food for digestion.

6/6/22: Radiographs show hook is progressing through intestinal tract

6/9/22: Turtle passed hook through fecal, no more surgery required.

6/14/22: Turtle tagged & released!