Millenium Falcon's Story

Millenium Flacon was in a tangled mess

Millennium Falcon came to us with an entanglement injury, which means that the turtle was wrapped up in carelessly discarded fishing line. In her case, fishing line wrapped tightly around the front right flipper and snapped the humerus bone in half. The flipper needed to be amputated, but luckily Falcon’s story has a happy ending. After a month of post-surgery recovery, we were proud to release Falcon back to the wild!

Patient Information
Millennium Falcon
Intake Photo

Name: Millenium Falcon
Species: Loggerhead
Age: Sub Adult
Admission date and intake photo: 5.14.22
Ailment: Entanglement
Weight: 18.15 kg


5/17/22 Daily nebulizing treatments, honey on wounds

5/31/22 Turtle acting strong and eating well. Surgery site healing well.

6/11/22 Turtle fully healthy and ready for release

6/22/22 Turtle tagged and released

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