Millenium Falcon's Story


Millennium Falcon was rescued with a severe fishing line entanglement injury. The line was wrapped tightly around the front right flipper, unfortunately causing the humerus bone to snap in half and requiring a flipper amputation. Thankfully, this patient was still able to swim and dive normally, to continue living a normal sea turtle life back in the wild.

After a month of post-surgery recovery and care, Millennium Falcon fully recovered and was released on June 6th, 2022.

Patient Information
Millennium Falcon
Intake Photo

Name: Millennium Falcon
Species: Loggerhead (Cc)
Age: Sub-Adult
Admission date: 5/14/22
Ailment: Entanglement
Weight: 18.15 kg


5/17/22 Daily nebulizing treatments and honey applications on wounds.

5/31/22 Patient acting strong and eating well. Surgery site healing well.

6/11/22 Turtle fully healthy and ready for release.

6/22/22 Turtle tagged and released.