Labyrinth Canyon's Story

Plastic ingestion & entanglement

Labyrinth Canyon is a juvenile green sea turtle that was rescued by our friends at Inwater Research Group, entangled in monofilament around their front right flipper. Shortly after admittance on October 20th, Labyrinth began passing unprecedented amounts of plastic debris in their fecal. The rehabilitation team identified pieces of plastic bags, food wrappers and balloons, marking the largest amount of soft plastics passed by an individual patient in such a short period of time! 

Both plastic ingestion and entanglement is unfortunately a common occurrence for sea turtles of all age classes, as it can be easily mistaken for food, and is the most abundant form of marine debris. Labyrinth Canyon has fully healed from their entanglement and plastic ingestion, and was released in Palm Beach County.

Patient Information
Intake Photo

Name: Labyrinth Canyon
Species: Green (Cm)
Age class: Juvenile
Admission date: 10/20/22
Ailment: Entanglement, plastic ingestion, FP
Weight: 12.7 kg


10/20/22: Admitted to rehab and braided monofilament line removed from front right flipper. Blood drawn and evaluated. Small FP tumors present. Begin supportive care regiment and fluid therapy.

10/21/22: Large amounts of plastic debris passing in fecal and collected. Begin daily honey applications.

10/23/22: Patient continues to pass more plastic film and balloon pieces.

10/25/22: Passed 5 more balloon pieces.

10/29/22: Passed 2 pieces of balloon and 2 strands of fishing line. 

11/5/22: Passed fishing line in fecal. Continue to tube feed until eating. 

11/14/22: Eating protein, no more tube feeding.

12/12/22: Patient doing well, active, healthy and eating.

12/21/22: Tagged and Released!