Kylo Ren's Story

Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier

Kylo Ren is a juvenile green sea turtle who was rescued with a hook in her jaw, and an additional 3 hooks within their digestive tract. After a successful hook removal surgery, Kylo Ren was released. Unfortunately, a short time after release Kylo Ren returned to us with new hook injuries. After another hook removal, this sea turtle was fed a strict diet of vegetables, algae and seagrasses to encourage foraging behavior and hopefully discourage them from returning back to another pier. Kylo Ren has been re-released, and has yet to make another return.

Patient Information
Kylo Ren
Intake Photo

Name: Kylo Ren
Species: Green
Age: Juvenile
Admission date: 5/1/22
Ailment: Fishing Hooks
Weight: 11.45 kg


5/10/22: Hook removal surgery performed, two hooks removed with one remaining.

5/12/22: Passed final hook without incident.

5/19/22: Tagged and released!

7/23/22: Turtle recaptured during night survey, more hooks found in throat.

7/26/22: Surgery removed circle hook, lure, and metal fishing line.

7/30/22: Acoustic Tag applied to carapace.

8/5/22: Released!