Krka's Story


Krka is a subadult Loggerhead sea turtle, that was discovered floating at the Pompano Beach Pier. Buoyancy issues that cause a sea turtle to float at the water’s surface can limit their ability to dive and forage for food, and can leave them vulnerable to boats and predators. Symptoms of floating or an overgrowth of algae & barnacles on their carapace are good indications of poor health and a possible need for veterinary care. 

Intake x-rays revealed that Krka is suffering from a lung infection, and the rehabilitation staff have begun daily nebulizing treatments, antibiotics, and fluid therapy to aid in their recovery. The x-rays also showed a small piece of fishing gear in their GI tract, that we hope Krka will pass soon. You can find updates on Krka’s progress below! 

Patient Information
Intake Photo

Name: Krka
Species: Loggerhead (Cc)
Age class: Subadult
Admission date: 10/07/2022
Ailment: Floating, Lung Infection
Weight: 34.7 kg


10/7/22: Rescued and admitted to rehab covered in algae and barnacles. Radiographs reveal a lung infection. Given a freshwater bath overnight.

10/8/22: Begin daily nebulizing treatments and supportive care regiment. Blood drawn and evaluated.

10/21/22: Continuing to monitor floating and infection, and provide daily nebulizer and fluid therapy.

10/27/22: Tube fed mixture of gruel and pedialyte. Bloodwork drawn and evaluated. No sign of fishing gear in fecal.

11/8/22: Veterinary exam. Administer TPN and start a tube feeding regiment.

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