Isle Royale's Story

Boynton Beach Boat Strike

With help from our friends at the Boynton Beach Fire Department, we were able to rescue this injured green sea turtle, Isle Royale. This juvenile was found floating in the water and unable to dive, after suffering a very large boat strike wound to their carapace measuring 15cm! Upon examination, our veterinary team also recognized two additional older boat strike injuries, as well as a fishing hook in this sea turtle’s throat. Vessel collision and fishing hooks are unfortunately two common ailments treated at the sea turtle rehabilitation facility, and we hope cases like Isle Royale’s demonstrate the importance of safely sharing the water with local marine life. 

Thanks to the amazing veterinary and rehabilitation staff, Isle Royale has made a full recovery and was released on December 9th, 2022!

Patient Information
Intake Photo

Name: Isle Royale
Species: Green (Cm)
Age class: Juvenile
Admission date: 9/19/2022
Ailment: Vessel strike
Weight: 8.45 kg


9/19/22: Admitted to rehab. Begin supportive care regiment with antibiotics, fluid therapy, and daily honey applications.

9/21/22: Carapace wound wired shut, and wound V.A.C. applied.

9/30/22: Wound V.A.C. is removed and turtle is no longer floating.

10/4/22: Successful hook removal surgery from throat! Continuing care and daily honey treatments. 

10/5/22: CT scans at Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists. Bloodwork taken and evaluated. 

10/14/22: Veterinary exam and carapace wounds debrided. Wounds are healing slowly.

10/19/22: Patient is actively eating, swimming, and no longer floating.

11/19/22: Wound healed and awaiting future release.

12/9/22: Tagged and released at Red Reef Park.