Inverness's Story


Inverness was rescued from the Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier with a hook in her throat and fishing line entangled around her front flippers. Inverness was caught twice on the pier. The first time, she was caught and released with a hook in her throat. The second hooking occurrence, the fisherman was able to guide the turtle to the shore and call GLNC for help.

Turtle Information

Species: Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Age: Sub-Adult (~10-15 yrs)
Location: Deerfield Beach, FL
Concern: Hooked
Status: Released
Weight: 38.7 kg 84.1 lbs


2021-Nov-11 Released at Dry Tortugas National Park.

2021-Nov-09 Outfitted with a satellite tag.

2021-Nov-01 Cleared for release by veterinarian.

2021-Oct-18 Eating well and active. In full tank.

2021-Oct-09 Wounds healing well. Feed lobster tails whole with shell on.

2021-Oct-01 Finished course of medications. Feed deshelled lobster tails.

2021-Sep-30 Passed 3 hook fragments, possibly from a treble hook.

2021-Sep-21 Wounds healing well. Raised water level. Continue supportive medications, honey application, and monitoring fecal.

2021-Sep-14 Hook removal surgery performed by veterinarian. Apply honey daily. In shallow water.

2021-Sep-12 Monitor fecal for hook fragments.

2021-Sep-11 Rescued from Deerfireld Beach International Fishing Pier and brought to Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. Radiographs revealed 2 large J hooks in throat and 3 hook fragments in GI. Bloodwork and supportive care started. In shallow water.

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