Han Solo's Story

“Washed back” sea turtles like Han Solo, are young post-hatchlings who are weak and unfortunately get blown back to shore, and typically ingest plastic. This sea turtle is also a special case since they’re one of just a few Hawksbill sea turtles we have seen at the rehabilitation facility. Because Hawksbills are rare in the area, we typically release them near the Florida Keys where similar sized sea turtles of this species are found. We’re proud to say that Han Solo was released back to sea!

Patient Information
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Intake Photo

Name: Han Solo
Species: Hawksbill
Age: Juvenile
Admission date: 4/22/22
Ailment: Washedback
Weight: 0.3 kg


4/25/22:  Beginning a supportive care regiment and monitoring for plastic passing in fecal.

5/5/22: Turtle is active, eating, and enjoying hiding within the seagrass enrichment in their tank.

5/25/22: Passing more plastic in fecal.

6/1/22: Active, healthy, and no longer passing platic.

6/8/22: Tagged for release on 6/10/22.