Han Solo's Story

This smuggler was a washback

Washback means a turtle was not strong enough to stay out at sea after hatching. This turtle is also a special case since she’s one of just a few Hawksbill Sea Turtles we see in our waters each year. Because Hawksbills are rare in the area, we typically release them near the Florida Keys where similar sized turtles of this species are found. We’re proud to say that Han Solo is back at sea and ready for their next Kessel Run!

Patient Information
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Intake Photo

Name: Han Solo
Species: Hawksbill
Age: Juvenile
Admission date and intake photo: 4.22.22
Ailment: Washback
Weight: 0.3 kg


4/25/22 Passing plastic in fecal

5/5/22 Turtle active, eating, and enjoying hiding with fake seagrass leaves in her tank for enrichment.

5/25/22 Passing more plastic in fecal.

6/8/22 Tagged for release!

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