Finn's Story

Accidental capture

Finn was a juvenile green sea turtle patient, that was accidentally hooked at the Dania Beach Fishing Pier. Radiographs revealed also revealed a fishing hook in their esophagus, which was carefully removed by our veterinary and rehabilitation team. If you happen to accidentally hook a sea turtle while fishing, do not cut your line, rather carefully capture the sea turtle, safely bring them ashore, and call the nearest rehabilitation or rescue facility! 

Patient Information
Finn intake
Intake Photo

Name: Finn
Species: Green
Age: Juvenile
Admission date: 4/17/22
Ailment: Hook in Esophagus, Accidental Capture
Weight: 7.45 kg


  • Radiographs showed hook in esophagus
  • Surgery done to remove hook
  • Broad spectrum antibiotics and fluids prescribed