Faro's Story


This juvenile green sea turtle was found floating at the water’s surface, entangled in discarded fishing line that became deeply embedded around the neck and both front flippers. Faro also suffers from Fibropapillomatosis, a disease that has caused several tumors to grow on their eyes, plastron, and flippers. This former patient underwent a successful tumor removal surgery on October 18th, and has made a full recovery from their entanglement injuries. We are pleased to have released Faro back into the ocean near Hutchinson Island on November 15th, 2022!

Patient Information
Intake Photo

Name: Faro
Species: Green (Cm)
Age class: Juvenile
Admission date: 9/2/22
Ailment: Entanglement, FP
Weight: 8.65 kg


9/2/22: Admitted to rehab and fishing line carefully removed. Begin a supportive care regiment with fluid therapy and daily honey treatments on wounds.

9/4/22: Eating protein diet! 

9/12/22: CT scan at Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists.

9/20/22: Entanglement injuries are healing well and patient is eating and active. Awaiting tumor removal surgery.

10/5/22: Bloodwork taken and evaluated.

10/18/22: Successful tumor removal surgery!

10/19/22: Bandages removed and wounds appear to be healing well. Patient all food for the day, and is active and alert.

10/25/22: Bloodwork evaluated. Patient is healthy, and healing well.

11/4/22: Patient healed and approved for release.

11/15/22: Faro tagged and released near Hutchinson Island!