Denali's Story

Predator Attack

Denali is sub-adult green sea turtle who was rescued from Inwater Research Group’s St.Lucie site, missing their front left flipper after a large predator attack. Unfortunately, this patient also suffers from a disease called Fibropapillomatosis, that has caused several small papilloma tumors to form on their flippers and soft tissue. Denali endured a successful tumor removal surgery and made a full recovery from their flipper amputation/ injury. They were released back into the wild at Red Reef Park on January 13th, 2023.

Fun fact: Denali is apart of our “national parks” theme, named after Denali National Park in Alaska!

Patient Information
Intake Photo

Name: Denali
Species: Green (Cm)
Age: Sub-Adult
Admission date: 8/25/22
Ailment: Predator Attack, FP
Weight: 27.35 kg


8/25/22: Admitted to rehab missing a front left flipper, markings indicate possible shark attack. Freshwater bath and marine leech egg removal.

8/26/22: Begin supportive care regiment and daily nebulizing treatments. 

9/2/22: Small FP tumor identified near right front flipper.

9/19/22: No longer on daily nebulizing treatments. Several new, small FP tumors identified. Plastron appears wrinkled, peeling, and sunken. Beginning daily TPN treatments. 

9/26/22: Finished full round of TPN treatments.

10/1/22: Plastron and overall appearance has improved. Continuing to monitor progress, patient is active and eating well.

10/4/22: FP tumors growing in size and several more identified.

10/26/22: CT scan at Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists.

11/20/22: Patient is gaining weight, but tumors continue to grow in size.

11/22/22: Successful tumor removal surgery, behavior monitored overnight post surgery.

11/29/22: Small regrowth on ventral side of flipper amputation site. Patient is otherwise active and eating well.

12/20/22: Second successful tumor removal surgery!

1/4/22: Patient is healed, active, and healthy.

1/13/23: Tagged and released at Red Reef Park, Boca Raton FL.