DeathStar's Story

Predator Wounds

DeathStar is a juvenile green sea turtle that arrived at our facility from St. Lucie with help from our friends at InWater Research Group. This patient had sustained wounds on their carapace, plastron, and flippers from a predator attack. The wound markings are likely indicative of a shark, a natural sea turtle predator. 

Patient Information
Intake Photo

Name: DeathStar
Species: Green
Age: Juvenile
Admission date:4/11/22
Ailment: Predator attack
Weight: 10.4 kg


4/20/2022 wounds healing well

4/15/2022 Dr. C performed minor debridement of dead bone and tissue.

4/13/2022 Eating offered protein.

4/11/2022 Wound flushed and cleaned. Start cleaning with chlorhex and applying honey to wounds every day. On antibiotics, vitamins, and fluids.