Cuyahoga's Story

Boat strike

Cuyahoga is a sub-adult green sea turtle rescued in Boynton Beach, with several boat propeller strike wounds across their carapace, exposing bone and coelomic lining, and even causing a laceration to their lung.

Cuyahoga is currently undergoing treatment and you can catch a glimpse of them in the nature center’s shipwreck tank alongside our resident sea turtle Morgan!

Patient Information
Intake Photo

Name: Cuyahoga
Species: Green (Cm)
Age class: Sub-Adult
Admission date: 8/09/22
Ailment: Boat Strike
Weight: 40.6 kg


8/09/22: Admitted for rehab, Silvadene and honey applied to wounds and dressed with bandages. Dry docked overnight.

8/10/22: Change dressing & clean wounds. Begin supportive care regiment, fluid therapy, and daily honey applications. CT scans at Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists.

8/17/22: Passed monofilament in fecal. Treating carapace wounds with daily laser therapy.

8/25/22: Added 150g weight to carapace to control buoyancy.

8/27/22: Floating even while resting, increased weight to 300g.

9/1/22: Continue supportive care and Cold Laser Therapy. Monitor buoyancy issue, showing signs of sitting flat on the bottom.

9/6/22: Off of medications and laser therapy.

9/30/22: Moved to larger tank and carapace weight removed. Turtle sitting flat on the tank bottom when resting, but still floating when active.

10/1/22: Wounds healing well, but patient continues to float at the surface. Occasionally flat on the tank bottom, continuing to monitor progress.

10/4/22: Veterinary exam and wound debridement, removed some necrotic bone and tissue. 

11/17/22: Weight vest with 400g added and patient moved to mangrove tank for observation.

12/9/22: Patient moved to shipwreck tank for observation. Diving and surfacing well without problems.

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