Chungkingosaurus's Story

Boat propeller wounds

We rescued Chungkingosaurus from the St. Lucie Site thanks to our friends at the Inwater Reasearch Group. This beautiful adult female loggerhead sea turtle had several boat propeller strike wounds across her carapace (topshell), and old predator attack wounds to her flippers. The rehabilitation team cleaned her wounds daily and applied natural honey, which serves as a natural antibiotic and antifungal topical treatment. It only took a few days before Chungkingosaurus’ energy (and appetite!) returned, and after a few months of rehabilitation she made a full recovery.

We’re proud to say that Chungkingosaurus was released back into the ocean on 4/15/2022, and fitted with a satellite tag tracker on their carapace. You can follow her journey on our satellite tracking page.

Patient Information
Chungkingosaurus Intake
Intake Photo

Name: Chungkingosaurus
Species: Loggerhead
Age class: Adult, Female
Admission date: 12/29/21
Ailment: Boat strike
Secondary Ailment: Prior Predator Attack
Weight: 110 kg
Release Date: 4/15/22