Chungkingosaurus's Story

We rescued "Chung" just before New Year's Eve 2021

While we’re sad she didn’t get to watch the ball drop out on the open water, we were happy to ring in the new year with multiple treatments to get her back on track.

We rescued Chungkingosaurus from the St. Lucie Site. Injured or sick turtles sometimes get sucked through a pipe into the site, but the InWater Research team is able to give us a call for turtles like Chung. In her case, an unfortunate boat propeller injury left her underweight and lethargic, so we got right to work fixing her up.

Upon arrival, we were able to fix up Chung’s wounds with honey to ensure a clean healing process. It only took a couple days before we started to see her energy (and appetite!) start to return. We’re proud to say that we released Chungkingosaurus on 4/15/2022, and you can follow her journey with our awesome satellite tracking software! – (a link maybe or the map)

Patient Information
Chungkingosaurus Intake
Intake Photo

Name: Chungkingosaurus
Species: Loggerhead (CC)
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Admission date and intake photo: 12.29.21
Ailment: Boat strike
Secondary Ailment: Prior Predator Attack
Current Weight: 110 kg
Release Date: 4.15.22
Release location: Boat Release off Boca Coast

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