Banff's Story

Banff was discovered during a research study with our good friends and partners at Inwater Research Group. Radiographs revealed that Banff had a hook in their throat that would require surgery. Luckily, the hook was successfully removed, and after a speedy recovery we were proud to release Banff on August 8, 2022. 

Patient Information
Intake Photo

Name: Banff
Species: Green
Age: Juvenile
Admission date: 7/20/22
Ailment: Hook Injury
Weight: 6.75 kg


7/20/22: Rescued during research study, radiographs show a hook in the throat. Sea turtle admitted for rehab.

7/26/22: Hook removal surgery a success! 

7/27/22: Continue to monitor post surgery, 3 days of fluids and pain management regiment. 

7/30/22: Offering a veggie only diet to encourage foraging behavior when released.

8/5/22 Turtle Tagged and released!