Apex's Story

We rescued Apex from a crowded marina, where they were frequently spotted nursing a predator attack injury. We applied medical grade maggots to their wounds to clean out the old diseased flesh and infection, and promote the growth of new, healthy tissue.

Patient Information
Apex rescue
Intake Photo

Name: Apex
Species: Loggerhead (Cc)
Age: Sub-Adult, Female
Admission date: 03/22/22
Ailment: Predator Attack
Weight: 46.8 kg


4/13/2022: Wound healing well.

3/25/2022: Dr. Chadam sutured predator attack wound on front left flipper. Start Cold Laser Treatment.

3/23/2022: Upon Intake, wounds flushed out and maggot treatment started. Broad spectrum antibiotics and fluid therapy were prescribed. Honey applied to wounds.