Rescue Missions

Our mission to conserve sea turtle populations knows no bounds.

Cape Cod Cold Stunned Sea Turtles

While the majority of our work is accomplished in the South Florida area, our mission to conserve sea turtle populations knows no bounds. That’s why we’re always eager to step up and help sea turtles in need, wherever they may be.

In December 2020, cold water temperatures left over 800+ Cape Cod area sea turtles Cold Stunned and lethargic at the New England aquarium. When water temperatures drop rapidly, cold blooded animals like sea turtles can fall into a state of shock that leaves them completely defenseless.

We were eager to help, and with the help of an organization called Turtles Fly Too, we helped bring these patients down to our nature center to lend a helping hand.

COVID Sea Turtle Rehabilitation

Despite limitations on staff and activity, we were proud to continue our work through the pandemic to ensure the safe rescue and release of sick & injured sea turtles.

Imagine trying to take care of a 400 lb turtle with only two staff members available at a time! It wasn’t easy, but we were proud to step up to help these animals in need.

When the Nature Center’s doors are locked, the  sea turtle turtle rehab marched on, and we consider the sea turtles saved during COVID as some of our greatest accomplishments.