Hatchlings Story

Hatchlings are currently in our rehabilitation facility. We typically take in green sea turtle, loggerhead sea turtle, and hawskbill sea turtle hatchlings that were too weak or emaciated to initially make it out to the ocean, or are washed back in to the shore by rough surf. After recovering for a few weeks, the healthy hatchlings will be released offshore into sargassum habitat in the Gulf Stream.

Close up of a green sea turtle hatchling

Species: Green, Loggerhead, or Hawksbill
Age: Days to months old

Location: Boca Raton area
Concern: Weak & Emaciated
Status: Recovering

Weight: < 1 lb

A green sea turtle hatchling swimming. A loggerhead sea turtle hatchling swimming. A hawksbill hatchling laying on a towel.
A loggerhead washback receiving fluids. A loggerhead washback laying on a hammock. Washback sea turtles laying on hammocks.


2019-Oct-16 Healthy hatchlings released offshore.
2019-Oct-3 Healthy hatchlings released offshore.
2019-Sep-26 Healthy hatchlings released offshore.
2019-Sep-16 Healthy hatchlings released offshore.
2019-Jul-01 Hatchlings start arriving.