Victoria Cruz's Story

Victoria Cruz was rescued from the Indian River Lagoon. Victoria was found floating with a severe vessel strike injury to her carapace. She also presented fibropapilloma tumors near her front and rear flippers.

Close up of a green sea turtle laying on a treatment table.

Green Sea Turtle
Age: Juvenile (~3-5 yrs)

Location: Indian River Lagoon, FL
Concern: Vessel Striek & Fibropapillomatosis
Status: Recovering

Weight: 7.7 kg 16.94 lbs


2021-Aug-04 Vessel strike wound and surgery sites healing well. Continue to monitor for FP tumor regrowth.
2021-Jul-28 Eating well and improving. Continue honey treatments.
2021-Jul-21 Continuing supportive care. Wounds healing well.
2021-Jul-14 Recovered from surgery well. In shallow water. Apply honey to surgery sites daily.
2021-Jul-13 Veterinarian performed FP tumor removal surgery and debrided vessel strike injury. Monitor overnight.
2021-Jul-06 Blood parameters are in range for FP removal surgery.
2021-Jun-30 Continue supportive medications.
2021-Jun-23 Eating well and energy level improving. In full tank.
2021-Jun-17 Removed wound VAC treatment on carapace. Vessel strike wound improving. In shallow water. Lethargic and resting on bottom.
2021-Jun-13 In shallow water during day, dry dock at night during wound VAC treament.
2021-Jun-12 Rescued from Indian River Lagoon and brought to Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. Begin supportive medications and complete diagnostics bloodwork and radiographs. Freshwater bath given to remove algae. Wound VAC treatment applied to vessel strike wound on carapace.