Radioactive's Story

Radioactive was rescued from Boca Raton with four lacerations to the shell and one laceration to the head from a vessel strike.

Sea turtle laying on towel in treatment room.

Green Sea Turtle
Age: Juvenile (~4-8 yrs)

Location: Boca Raton, FL
Concern: Vessel Strike
Status: Released

Weight: 7.15 kg 15.7 lbs


2021-Feb-23 Released in Boca Raton, FL.
2021-Feb-19 Wounds healed. Cleared for release by veterinarian.
2021-Feb-16 Started eating and active.
2021-Feb-13 Wounds healing well, discontinue Wound VAC therapy. In shallow water.
2021-Feb-06 Severe lacerations to carapace. Wounds cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant and wound VAC bandage applied to carapace. Dry docked. Bandage applied to head injury. Begin supportive medications.