Uranium's Story

Uranium was rescued from Boynton Beach, FL with vessel strike wounds to the head and flipper. Recreational boaters found her floating at the surface and lethargic.

Close up of a green sea turtle laying on a treatment table.

Green Sea Turtle
Age: Juvenile (~3-5 yrs)

Location: Boynton Beach, FL
Concern: Vessel Strike
Status: Recovering

Weight: 5.
30 kg 11.66 lbs


2021-Mar-12 Cleaned and secured head wound.
2021-Mar-09 Surgery performed to amputate right front flipper.
2021-Mar-02 Eating well and activity level is increasing.
2021-Feb-23 Support flipper with a brace and put in shallow water.
2021-Feb-14 Radiographs reveal a broken flipper. Bandage flipper and continue to dry dock.
2021-Feb-13 Rescued from Boynton Beach, FL  with vessel strike injuries to head and flipper. Began supportative medications and completed diagnostics bloodworkand radiographs. Wounds flushed and bandages applied.