Toni Morrison's Story

Toni Morrison was rescued by beachgoers near Lauderdale by the Sea. Toni was found entangled in fishing gear that was attached to a bouy. The line was wrapped tightly around the front flippers and head causing a severe laceration to the front flipper and several abrasions on the head and carapace.

Close up of a kemp's ridley sea turtle tanlged in fishing line and a bouy.

Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle
Age: Juvenile (~1-3 yrs)

Location: Lauderdale by the Sea
Concern: Entanglement
Status: Recovering

Weight: 1.1 kg 6.50 lbs


2021-June-06 Swimming well in shallow water. Eating well.
2021-June-03 Lethargic swimming in shallow water.
2021-June-02 Rescued from Lauderdale by the Sea. Emergency amputation conducted by veterinarian to remove flipper irreparably damaged by fishing gear entanglement. Dry docked overnight to recover from surgery.