Titanium's Story

Titanium was rescued by a Highland Beach nesting volunteer from the Highland Beach, FL. Titanium was incidentally caught by recreational fisherman on the beach. Two lines coming out of mouth indicating that it already had been hooked before. Heavy load of barnacles and marine leeches covering the carapace.

Close up of a loggerhead sea turtle in a rehabilitation tank.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Age: Sub-Adult (~10-15 yrs)

Location: Highland Beach, FL
Concern: Hook
Status: Released

Weight: 36.8 kg 80.96 lbs


2021-Feb-24 Released in Boca Raton, FL.
2021-Feb-23 Active and eating well. Wounds healed and finished course of medications.
2021-Feb-15 Started to eat soft food. Active and recovering well.
2021-Feb-12 Hook removal surgery perfomed by veterinarian. Apply honey and chlorehex to wounds daily.
2021-Feb-10 Rescued from Highland Beach, FL. Incidentally caught by recreational fisherman on the beach. Radiographs show 2 hooks in throat. Started supportative medications and dry docked overnight.