Litmus's Story

Litmus was rescued from the Halifax River near Ponce Inlet, FL. Litmus presented with a laceration on her front flipper and fibropapilloma tumors near her front and rear flippers.

Close up of a green sea turtle laying upside down on a treatment table.

Green Sea Turtle
Age: Juvenile (~3-5 yrs)

Location: Ponce Inlet, FL
Concern:  Lacerations & Fibropapillomatosis
Status: Released
Weight: 2.45 kg 5.40 lbs


2021-May-04 Released at Canaveral National Seashore.
2021-Apr-28 Cleared for release.
2021-Apr-25 Active and eating well. Wounds completely healed.
2021-Apr-19 Wounds healing well. Continue honey treatment.
2021-Apr-12 Tumor regrowth removed by veterinarian.
2021-Apr-05 Surgery sites debrided by veterinarian. Minor tumor regrowth observed.
2021-Mar-21 Eating well and active. Surgery sites healing well.
2021-Mar-13 FP removal surgery performed by veterinarian. Apply honey to surgery sites daily.
2021-Mar-06 Parasite eggs found in fecal. Prescribed parasite medication.
2021-Feb-13 Eating well on own without tong feeding. FP removal surgery pending healthy bloodwork parameters.
2021-Feb-02 Activity level is incerasing. No interest in food. Floating.
2021-Jan-22 Rescued from the Halifax River near Ponce Inlet, FL. Wound on flipper cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant. Freshwater bath to remove epibiota. Begin supportive medications and completed diagnostic bloodwork and radiographs.