Zinfandel's Story

Zinfandel was rescued by biologists at Inwater Research Group from the St. Lucie Powerplant. Zinfandel was extremely lethargic and had barnacles and marine leeches covering the carapace indicating the turtle has been lethargic and injured for a while.

Close up of a loggerhead sea turtle laying in a treatment tank.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Age: Adult (~25+ yrs)

Location: St. Lucie, FL
Concern: Debilitated
Status: Released

Weight: 87.8 kg 193.10 lbs

Tracking Zinfandel



2021-Jan-26 Tags and satellite transmitter applied. Released in Boca Raton, FL.
2021-Jan-19 Active and eating well. Cleared for release by veterinarian.
2021-Jan-12 PCV values are normal.
2021-Jan-05 Active and eating well. Continue anemia treatment and monitoring PCV.
2020-Dec-22 Start treatment for anemia and monitor PCV.
2020-Dec-08 Moved to large tank for physical therapy.
2020-Dec-01 Slowly increase food. Discontinue fluid treatment.
2020-Nov-18 Begin Hetastarch fluid therapy.
2020-Nov-10 Started eating and becoming more active. Passing a lot of crab shells and sea grass in fecal.
2020-Nov-06 Freshwater bath to remove the barnacle and marine leeches. In shallow water. Treat carapace wounds with honey and silvadene.
2020-Nov-03 Rescued from St. Lucie, FL and brought to Gumbo Limbo. Radiographs and bloodwork performed. Started supportive medications. Dry docked overnight.