Xerces's Story

Xerces was rescued from Fort Pierce, FL by Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and Ecological Assoicates, Inc.  with fibropapilloma tumors and severe fishing line entanglement. Xerces was found floating with braided fishing line wrapped tightly around her left front flipper and attached to a log. Xerces was prescribed multiple swelling reducing treatments to try and save her injured flipper. 

Close up of a green sea turtle laying upside down on a treatment table receiving leech therapy treatments.

Green Sea Turtle
Age: Juvenile (~4-7 yrs)

Location: Fort Pierce, FL
Concern: Fibropapillomatosis & Entanglement
Status: Released

Weight: 10.4 kg 22.9 lbs


2020-Sept-17 Released
2020-Aug-6 Eyes, flipper and surgical sites all look great and are healing well! Continue mointoring for regrowth. 
2020-Jul-21 Tumor removal surgery performed. Apply honey to surgical sites and flush eyes daily. Monitor for regrowth. 
2020-Jul-14 Flipper looks almost healed and is no longer swollen. Discontinue MLS laser and supportive medication. 
2020-Jun-30 Injuried flipper has greatly reduced in swelling. Also, Xerces started eating food on her own. Leech therapy discontinued.
2020-Jun-23 Begin nebulizer treatment for possible lung infection.
2020-Jun-21 Started showing interest in food. Prefers squid and silversides.
2020-Jun-18 Tranferred to Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. Completed diagnostic bloodwork and radiographs. Radiographs confirmed no apparent fractures to the entangled flipper. Veterinarian prescribed leech therapy, MLS laser therapy, and edema massages with honey given to reduce swelling in the injured flipper. Began supportive medications to treat potential infection.
2020-Jun-17 Rescued from Fort Pierce, FL covered with fibropapilloma tumors and entangled in fishing line.