Scarab's Story

Scarab was discovered stuck in the rocks at the Boca Raton Inlet by our sea turtle nesting team. Scarab is weak and has minor abrasions on both front flippers. Diagnostics will be performed at our sea turtle rehabilitation facility to determine the extent of Scarab's injuries.

Close up of a loggerhead sea turtle stuck in rocks at a jetty.

 Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Age: Subadult (~10-15yrs)

Location: Boca Raton, FL
Concern: Chronic Debilitation
Status: Released

Weight: 42.4 kg 93.5 lbs


2020-Jun-11 Released in Boca Raton, FL.
2020-May-22 Applied flipper and pit tags.
2020-May-15 Discontinue supportive medications. Cleared for release by veterinarian.
2020-May-12 Discontinue mineral oil supplement. 
2020-May-7 Discontinue nebulizer treatment.
2020-May-1 Passed some plastic in fecal. Administer mineral oil supplement in diet.
2020-Apr-26 Eating well.
2020-Apr-25 Radiographs show potential impaction and lung infection. Begin nebulizer treatment and supportive medications daily.
2020-Apr-24 Rescued from Boca Raton, FL stuck in the rocks at the Boca Inlet. Turtle is dehydrated and weak. Minor abrasions to front flippers.