Root Beer's Story

Root Beer was rescued from Anastasia State Park with three deep lacerations to the shell and a partial amputation of the front right flipper from a vessel strike. Root Beer also has fibropapilloma tumors near her front and rear flippers, as well as on her eyes.

Sea turtle with cracks in shell and missing front flipper.

Green Sea Turtle
Age: Sub-Adult (~10-25 yrs)

Location: St. Augustine, FL
Concern: Vessel Strike & Fibropapillomatosis
Status: Deceased

Weight: 46.0 kg 101.4 lbs


2021-Feb-08 Turtle succumbed to injuries. Necropsy performed by medical staff.
2021-Feb-02 Responding well to feeding tube. 
2021-Jan-26 Feeding tube placed in esophagus to minimize stress during feeding.
2021-Jan-19 More active and passing large amounts of fecal. Continue tube feeding.
2021-Jan-05 Wound debridement by veterinarian. Still no interest in food. Continue tube feeding.
2020-Dec-15 Finished course of medications. Continue to tube feed.
2020-Dec-04 Stopped eating and beginning to lose weight. Begin tube feeding.
2020-Nov-20 Wound is healing well and sealed. Discontinue Wound VAC. Doing well in deeper water.
2020-Nov-11 Wound VAC bandage changed. Wound cleaned and debrided by veterinarian. Lethargic and low appetite.
2020-Oct-28 Started eating. Continue shallow water and wound VAC therapy.
2020-Oct-27 In shallow water. Continue Wound VAC negative pressure therapy. Wounds healing but still in critical condition.
2020-Oct-20 Severe lacerations to carapace. Wounds cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant and wound VAC bandage applied to carapace. Dry docked. Bandage applied to front right flipper. Begin supportive medications.