Owlfly's Story

Owyfly was rescued from Hollywood, FL floating in waist-deep water. She is extremely underweight and covered in barnacles. She has a possible propeller strike wound on her right front flipper and lesions on her rear flippers. 

Close up of a Owlfly underwater in her tank

Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Age: Adult (~35-100 yrs)

Location: Hollywood, FL
Concern: Chronic Debilitation & Flipper Injury

Weight: 86.2 kg 190 lbs


2020-Mar-31 Owlfly succumbed to her injuries and passed away.
2020-Mar-29 Passed more small shells and part of a plastic bag in fecal. Start adding mineral oil to tude feeding diet twice a week.
2020-Mar-28 Passed small shells in fecal, indicating long-term malnourishment as she was too sick to eat or catch larger prey items. 
2020-Mar-26 Started tube feeding due to inconsistence eating. X-rays taken of injuried front flipper.
2020-Mar-20 Cleaned carapace of algae and barnacle growth. Begin MLS laser therapy on carapace margins and right front flipper.
2020-Mar-18 Ate four squid. Showing signs of an appetite.
2020-Mar-15 Rescued from Hollywood, FL covered in barnacles, underweight, and with flipper injuries. Began supportive medications and completed diagnostic bloodwork. In shallow water to support her weight.