Nymph's Story

Nymph was rescued from Fort Lauderdale, FL with boat strike injuries. She was found lethargic and floating, covered with algae and barnacles. 

Close up of a green sea turtle laying on a towel in a turtle bin.

Green Sea Turtle
Age: Juvenile (~3-5 yrs)

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Concern: Boat Strike

Weight: 2.9 kg 6.4 lbs


2020-May-15 Veterinarian prescribed euthanasia due to health decline.
2020-May-1 Discontinue TPN and continue tube feeding.
2020-Apr-27 Begin total parenteral nutrition (TPN) due to lack of appetite and nutrition.
2020-Apr-24 CT scans taken to follow up on internal progress.
2020-Apr-20 X-rays taken to follow up on internal progress. Wound area sealed and healing well. Continue honey application. Discontinue MLS laser therapy.
2020-Mar-26 Begin tube feeding due to lack of appetite.
2020-Mar-20 Discontine wound V.A.C. negative pressure therapy Placed in shallow water. Begin MLS laser therapy and honey application on wounds daily.
2020-Mar-15 Rescued from Fort Lauderdale, FL. Given a freshwater bath to remove algae and barnacles. Carapace and wounds were cleaned. Applied wound V.A.C bandage and started negative pressure wound therapy. Currently dry-docked. Started on supportive medications.