Katydid's Story

Katydid was rescued by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officers in Hillsboro Beach, FL responding to a turtle stranding call by a boater. Katydid was entangled in 37 pounds of fishing net when she was found. The net was wrapped tightly around her neck and front flippers, leaving deep constriction wounds. Her poor body condition indicates that she was entangled for a while and was unable to eat. In addition to her entanglement wounds, she is also being treated for pneumonia.

Close up of Katydid laying towel, her neck laceration visible.

Green Sea Turtle
Age: Juvenile (~5-10 yrs)

Location: Hillsboro Beach, FL
Concern: Entanglement
Status: Deceased

Weight: 7.7 kg 17 lbs


2020-Apr-24 Katydid succumbed to her injuries.
2020-Apr-17 X-rayed lungs for signs of pneumonia. Lungs were clear. Discontinue nebulizer treatment.
2020-Mar-26 Begin tube feeding due to lack of appetite.
2020-Mar-20 Begin MLS laser therapy every three days and honey application to wounds daily.
2020-Mar-15 Started on nebulizer treatment to be given daily for lung infection.
2020-Mar-14 Stabilized in shallow water in rehab tank. Eating lettuce from salad bars. 
2020-Mar-13 Rescued from Hillsboro Beach, FL entangled in fishing gear around the neck and front flippers. Placed in fresh water bath to remove algae and barnacles from carapace. Began supportive medications and completed diagnostic bloodwork and radiographs.