Helium's Story

Helium was found floating in the Hillsboro Inlet and brought to Gumbo Limbo. Helium is covered in barnacles, indicating the turtle has been lethargic and injured for a while.

Close up of aloggerhead sea turtle laying in a treatment tank.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Age: Sub-Adult (~10-15 yrs)

Location: Hillsboro Inlet, FL
Concern: Chronic Debilitation
Status: Deceased

Weight: 35.6 kg 73.7 lbs


2020-Dec-16 Turtle succumbed to illness. Necropsy performed by medical staff.
2020-Dec-08 Continue supportive medications. Still very lethargic.
2020-Dec-01 Start nebulizer treatment to be given daily for lung infection.
2020-Dec-02 Rescued from Hillsboro Inlet extremely lethargic, floating, and covered in barnacles. Began supportive medications and completed diagnostic bloodwork and radiographs.