Champagne's Story

Champagne was rescued from the Deerfield Beach International Pier after being hooked by a recreational fisherman for the second time. The fisherman reported the hooked turtle immediately for assistance. Champagne had multiple hooks externally and internally upon arrival. 

Close up of a green sea turtle with a fishing hook in its flipper.

Green Sea Turtle
Age: Juvenile (~5-10 yrs)

Location: Deerfield, FL
Concern: Hook
Status: Recovering

Weight: 11.2 kg 24.7 lbs


2020-Oct-21 Passed plastic line and thread
2020-Sept-29 Surgery to remove both hooks was succesful.
2020-Sep-27 Rescued from the Deerfield Beach Pier with two external hooks in the flipper and neck. Radiographs show two internal hooks in the esophagus. Passed Fishing line in fecal.
2020-Aug-11 Flipper and PIT tags applied. Affixed acoustic trasmitter to carapace. Released in Boca Raton.
2020-Aug-6 Veterinarian cleared for release! 
2020-Jul-14  Veterinarian removed both hooks and line with minor surgery. Recovering in water.
2020-Jul-12 Rescued from the Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier after being hooked. Radiographs were completed and found two hooks in her throat. One was still attached to fishingline.