Boba Tea's Story

Boba Tea was discovered struggling to swim offshore near South Beach Park in Boca Raton Inlet by local snorkelers. Boba Tea was tangled in fishing line and has swallowed two hooks and other fishing gear. Boba Tea is extremely weak and receiving supportive care to prepare for a procedure to remove the hooks and gear.

Close up of a loggerhead sea turtle taking a breath at the surface of the water in a rehabilitation tank.

 Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Age: Subadult (~10-15yrs)

Location: Boca Raton, FL
Concern: Entanglement & Hook Ingestion
Status: Critical

Weight: 54.0 kg 119.0 lbs


2020-Jul-30 Boba Tea succumbed to her injuries and passed away.
2020-Jul-21 Hook removal surgery performed. Begin tube feeding for nutrition and to encourage appetite. Adding mineral oil to gruel to help pass fishing line.
2020-Jul-17 Becoming more alert in behavior. Continue supportive nutritional care and medication.
2020-Jul-02 Started supportive nutritional care and nebulizer treatment. Extremely weak.
2020-Jun-30 Radiographs show two hooks and gear ingestion. Started supportive care, including fluids and medications daily.
2020-Jun-30 Rescued from Boca Raton, FL with assistance from Ocean Rescue and local snorkelers. Entagled in fishing line and extremely emaciated.