Army Ant's Story

Army Ant was rescued from St. Lucie Power Plant in Jensen Beach, FL with wounds indicative of shark bite injuries. A large portion of his carapace is missing on the lower right side and he is missing most of the rear right flipper. Army Ant is a mature male. 

Close up of Army Ant in a drained rehab aquarium

Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Age: Adult (~35-100 yrs)

Location: Jensen Beach, FL
Concern: Predator Injury
Status: Released

Weight: 111.4 kg 245.6 lbs

Tracking Army Ant

Army Ant was outfitted with a satellite transmitter prior to release. Follow along with Army Ant's journey!


2020-Apr-17 Released.
2020-Apr-13 Flipper and pit tags applied. WIll be enjoying a lobster a day until release.
2020-Apr-3 Cleared for release by veterinarian.
2020-Mar-28 Routine wound debridement. Continue honey application to carapace.
2020-Mar-20 Discontinue MLS laser therapy. Continue honey application to carapace.
2020-Mar-10 Discontinue supportive medications.
2020-Jan-28 Started on MLS laser therapy of wounded area and honey application to be given daily.
2020-Jan-26 Completed diagnostic radiographs. 
2020-Jan-25 Rescued from the St. Lucie Power Plant in Jensen Beach, FL with predator wounds. Fresh water bath to remove algae, barnacles, and leeches from wounds and carapace. Started on supportive medications.