Xenophilius's Story

Xenophilius was rescued from Cape Canaveral Energy Center after a boat strike wounded them. Her wounds were healed and her carapace was wired back together, and after making a full recovery, Xenophilius was released from Titusville, FL.

green sea turtle laying on a white towel.

Species: Green Sea Turtle
Age: Juvenile (~3-5 yrs)

Location: Brevard County, FL
Concern: Boat Strike
Status: Released

Weight: 3.6 kg 7.9 lbs


2019-Jul-17 Released from Max Brewer Memorial Parkway in Titusville, FL.
2019-Jul-02 Cleared for release.
2019-Jun-15 Wounds still healing well. Continue monitoring flotation ability.
2019-May-28 Discontinued MLS laser therapy.
2019-May-18 Continue supporting care. Healing well.
2019-Apr-30 Debrided wound. Seems to be healing well.
2019-Apr-10 Discontinued antibiotic medication. Continue MLS laser therapy.
2019-Mar-12 Used drill/wire/crimp method to secure crack in shell. Debrided area for healing.
2019-Mar-11 Started MLS laser therapy on carapace wounds.
2019-Mar-08 Applied zip-tie to caudal carapace and removed dead bone. Started honey treatment.
2019-Feb-19 Removed wound vac and placed in water. Swimming and fairly active.
2019-Feb-12 Started on antibiotic medication.
2019-Feb-11 Rescued from Brevard County, FL after a boat strike and taken to Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. Freshwater bath to remove barnacles. Wound vac for carapace wounds.