Peter Parker's Story

Peter Parker was rescued from the Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier after being incidentally hooked by a fisherman. Peter Parker swallowed hook and line, and has an entanglement injury to his flipper. 

Close up of a green sea turtle laying on a treatment table.

Green Sea Turtle
Age: Sub-Adult (10-15 yrs)

Location: Deerfield Beach, FL
Concern: Hook & entanglement
Status: Released

Weight: 37.6 kg 82.8 lbs



Affixed with acoustic transmitter. Public release held at Spanish River Park in Boca Raton, Florida.

2020-Feb-11 Cleared for release by veterinarian.

Moved to larger tank for physical therapy behind the scenes.

2019-Dec-10 Left flipper was amputated due to the severity of the monofilament line entanglement injury.
2019-Nov-30 Passed large amount of monofilament and braided nylon fishing line in bowel movement. Believed to be all fishing line swallowed. 
2019-Nov-27 Began passing monofilament. Unable to pass all of it. Monitoring and continuing medication. 
2019-Nov-13 Passed braided nylon fishing line. 
2019-Nov-19 Performed endoscopic examination of esophagus to determine extent of fishing line swallowed. Unable to locate end of monofilament. Trimmed line and began medications to help pass the fishing line.
2019-Nov-18 X-Ray confirmed hook also present in throat.  Hook was removed without surgery. X-rays also confirmed fracture to the front left flipper caused by monofilament entanglement. 
2019-Nov-16 Rescued from Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier. Entanglement injury to front left flipper. Hook removed from front right flipper.