Big Bang's Story

Big Bang was rescued from Port Canaveral, FL, covered in fibropapilloma tumors. Underwent tumor removal surgery and monitoring to check for regrowth. 

A green sea turtle swimming in a rehabilitation tank.

Species: Green Sea Turtle
Age: Juvenile (~3-5 yrs)

Location: Port Canaveral, FL
Concern: Fibropapillomatosis
Status: Released

Weight: 4.85 kg 10.7 lbs


2019-Jul-17 Released from Max Brewer Memorial Parkway in Titusville, FL.
2019-Jul-02 Eyes fully healed. No signs of regrowth. Cleared for release.
2019-Jun-11 Underwent tumor removal surgery. Started on antibiotics.
2019-May-11 Recovering. Preparing for eye tumor removal surgery.
2019-Apr-09 Changed medication under direction of veterinarian.
2019-Mar-12 Underwent tumor removal surgery
2019-Mar-01 Started on antibiotic medications.
2019-Feb-27 Transferred to Gumbo Limbo Nature Center.
2018-Dec-04 Started laser therapy on wounds.
2018-Dec-03 Rescued from Port Canaveral, FL and taken to Brevard Zoo Sea Turtle Healing Center. Started on antibiotic medication.